Qitab I Aqdas
*Kitab I Aqdas
Bhagvad Gita
*Bhagavad Gita
Tao te Ching : Texts 21 - 40 8

...The Tao, considered as unchanging, has no name. Though in its primordial simplicity it may be small, the whole world dares not deal with (one embodying) it as a minister. If a feudal prince or the king could guard and hold it, all would spontaneo...


Confucian Analects : Texts 698 - 738 8

...Confucius said, "The revenue of the state has left the ducal house now for five generations. The government has been in the hands of the great officers for four generations. On this account, the descendants of the three Hwan are much reduced."...


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